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List of Periodicals

Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal - 2004

Eamon Galligan Protected structures and the definition of "curtilage"
(2004) 11 IPELJ 3
Planning Law; Protected Structures; Listed Buildings
Stephen Dodd Substantial interest, locus standi and judicial review: recent developments
(2004) 11 IPELJ 9
Judicial Review; O'Shea v. Kerry County Council; s50 Planning and Development Act 2000
Partick Sweetman Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice
(2004) 11 IPELJ 25
Indigenous population conditions; sight line conditions
Tom Flynn Recent European Environmental Developments
(2004) 11 IPELJ 32
Battery Directive; Commission v. Spain
Dr. Duncan Laurence Protection of the Environment Act 2003
(2004) 11 IPELJ 44
Waste Management; IPPC Directive 96/61; ELV Directive 2000/53
Nap Keeling Defending Section 160 planning injunctions
(2004) 11 IPELJ 54
Unauthorised Development; Planning Law
Stephen Dodd Public notices and planning applications
(2004) 11 IPELJ 58
Planning Law
Orla Vaughan Environmental warranties and indemnities in commercial property transactions
(2004) 11 IPELJ 66
Environmental contamination; Environmental Law
Tom Flynn Recent European Environmental Developments
(2004) 11 IPELJ 79
Genetically Modified Organisms
Owen McIntyre The New European Community Directive on Environmental Liability: Substantive Content and Practical Implications
(2004) 11 IPELJ 99
Environmental contamination; Environmental Law
Alison Foley White v. Dublin Corporation and Tracey: Planning Authority Discretion in the Context of the Doctrine of Administrative Unreasonableness
(2004) 11 IPELJ 108
Administrative Law; Planning Law
Duncan Laurence The Waste Management (Licensing) Regulations 2004
(2004) 11 IPELJ 112
Waste Management; Environmental Law
Patrick Sweetman Recent European Environmental Developments
(2004) 11 IPELJ 126
Emission Trading; Ship-generated Pollution
Tom Flynn Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice
(2004) 11 IPELJ 130
O'Connor v. Coady; White v. Dublin City Council
Michael Devoy Enforcement - are the extended time limits retrospective in effect
(2004) 11 IPELJ 147
Environmental Law; Enforcement
Stephen Dodd Section 5 Declarations and Referrals: Development and Exempted Development
(2004) 11 IPELJ 152
Planning Law; Exempted Developments
Martin Canny Rylands v Fletcher limps on: Transco plc. v Stockport M.B.C. in the House of Lords
(2004) 11 IPELJ 158
Law of Torts; Nuisance; Cambridge Water v. Eastern Counties
Tom Flynn Recent European Environmental Developments
(2004) 11 IPELJ 175
Persistent organic pollutants; Sustainable development
Eamon Galligan Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice
(2004) 11 IPELJ 180
Compliance Orders; O'Keeffe Test
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