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List of Periodicals

Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal - 2003

Garret Simons  Compensation for Adverse Planning Decisions: Recent Developments
(2003) 10 IPELJ 3
Planning Law; Planning Decisions; Compensation
James Macken  From Nora Shortt to Jackson Way: Zoning and the Value of Land
(2003) 10 IPELJ 7
Planning Law; Zoning
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice
(2003) 10 IPELJ 18
Conveyancing; Planning and Development Act 2000; Withering
Tom Flynn  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2003) 10 IPELJ 20
European Environmental Law; Genetically Modified Organisms; Labelling
Owen McIntyre  The test for causation in relation to "individible" environmental diseases: Fairchild v. Glenhaven
(2003) 10 IPELJ 32
Law of Torts; Mesothelioma; Causation; "Toxic Torts"
John Gore-Grimes  Protected Structures: delights and tribulations
(2003) 10 IPELJ 37
Planning Law; Protected Structures; Listed Buildings
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice
(2003) 10 IPELJ 54
Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2002
Tom Flynn  Recent European Environmental Developments
(2003) 10 IPELJ 60
Waste Management; Enforcement
Gerard Murphy  Public Access to Environmental Information under Directive 2004/4/EC
(2003) 10 IPELJ 67
Freedom of Information; Directive 30/313/EC; Environmental Law
Matthew Allan  Reform of the re-zoning regime in Ireland
(2003) 10 IPELJ 75
Re-zoning; Mahon Tribunal; Planning Appeals; Legislative Proposals
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice
(2003) 10 IPELJ 90
Development Contributions; s48 Planning and Development Act 2000
Tom Flynn  Recent European Environmental Developments
(2003) 10 IPELJ 92
Air Pollution Directive; Waste Management
Owen McIntyre  Problems of liability for historical land contamination under Irish Law
(2003) 10 IPELJ 112
Law of Torts; Foreseeability; Environmental Law
Stephen Dodd  From national to local plans and the concept of sustainable development under the Planning and Development Act 2000
(2003) 10 IPELJ 119
Sustainable development; Planning Law
Don Menzies  Major hazards and land-use planning
(2003) 10 IPELJ 128
Planning Law; Health and Safety Authority; Directive 96/82/EC
Partick Sweetman  Recent developments in conveyancing practice
(2003) 10 IPELJ 146
national monuments; Carrickmines Castle; Compulsory Purchase
Tom Flynn  Recent European Environmental Developments
(2003) 10 IPELJ 148
Groundwater quality; Geneticlly Modified Organisms