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List of Periodicals

Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal - 2001

Owen Mc Intyre  EU Proposals on Environmental Liability: A Thorny Issue Revisited!
(2001) 8 IPELJ 135
European Environmental Law; Environmental Liability
Benedicte Sage  Regulation of Marine Pollution from Shipping under Irish Law: Part I
(2001) 8 IPELJ 142
Environmental Law; Pollution; Marine; Shipping
Eamon Galligan  Social and Affordable Housing
(2001) 8 IPELJ 149
Planning Law; Housing
Ainsley Heffernan  Irish Environmental Law Association Notes
(2001) 8 IPELJ 161
Environmental Law Association
Tom Flynn  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2001) 8 IPELJ 165
European Environmental Law; Kyoto Protocol; Emissions
Eamon Galligan  Case Notes
(2001) 8 IPELJ 170
Planning Law; Planning Permission; Development Plan
Alison Foley  Review of Recent an Bord Pleanala Decisions in the Context of Protecting our Architectural Heritage
(2001) 8 IPELJ 3
Planning Law; Architecture; Heritage
Eamon Galligan  Enforcement Under the Planning and Development Act 2000
(2001) 8 IPELJ 8
Planning Law; Planning and Development Act 2000; Planning; Enforcement
Aine Ryall  Environmental Assessment Law: Luxembourg v Linster
(2001) 8 IPELJ 17
Environmental Law; Environmental Impact Assessment
Jack O Sullivan  An Approach to Resolving the Current Waste Management Crisis
(2001) 8 IPELJ 20
Environmental Law; Waste Management
Garrett Simons  The Unreasonable Planning Authority: A Review of the Application of O Keeffe v An Bord Pleanala (Part II)
(2001) 8 IPELJ 26
Planning Law; An Bord Pleanala
Barbara Maguire  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2001) 8 IPELJ 39
European Environmental Law; Pollution; Waste Management
Pat Swords  Waste Management: The Hot Topic
(2001) 8 IPELJ 51
Environmental Law; Waste Management
Garrett Simons  Judicial Review under the Planning Legislation-The Case for the Abolition of the Leave Stage
(2001) 8 IPELJ 55
Planning Law; Administration Law; Judicial Review; Leave Stage
Geraint Ellis  A Review of Third-Party Planning Appeals
(2001) 8 IPELJ 63
Planning Law; Planning Appeals
Aine Ryall  Environmental Assessment Law: Berkeley v Secretary of State for the Environmental Law
(2001) 8 IPELJ 70
Environmental Law; Environmental Impact Assessment
Tom Flynn  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2001) 8 IPELJ 82
European Environmental Law; Pollution
Ann Quinn  Third-Party Appeals and the Human Rights Convention
(2001) 8 IPELJ 96
Planning Law; Planning Appeal; Human Rights
Aine Ryall  Strengthening Rights of Participation in Environmental Decision-Making
(2001) 8 IPELJ 103
Environmental Law; Public Interest
Mona O Rourke  Changes in the Level of Protection for the Irish Architectural Heritage since the Enactment of the Local Government (Planning and Development) Act 1999
(2001) 8 IPELJ 109
Planning Law; Local Government (Planning and Development) Act 1999; Architecture; Heritage
Tom Flynn  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2001) 8 IPELJ 122
European Environmental Law; Kyoto Protocol
Eamon Galligan  Case Notes
(2001) 8 IPELJ
Planning Law; Locus Standi; Public Access; Appeal