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List of Periodicals

Irish Law Times - 2008

Liam Thornton Subsidiary Protection For Asylum Seekers Within Ireland
(2008) 26 ILT 6
Immigration; Immigration law; Subsidiary protection; Judicial perspectives
Eoin Carolan Amending the Presumption of Advancement - The Decision in Pecore v Pecore
(2008) 26 ILT 26
Trusts; Advancement; Resulting trusts; Presumed intention
Susan Leahy Hard Cases and Bad Law - An Overview of the Criminal law (Sexual Offences) Act 2006
(2008) 26 ILT 38
Criminal; Sexual offences; Defences; Penalties; Reform
Ailbhe O'Neill The Consumer Protection Act 2007 - "Enforcing the New Rules"
(2008) 26 ILT 46
Consumer Law; Civil Mechanisms; Criminal Prosecutions; Consumer Legislation
Emma Keane Socio-Economic Rights and National Law
(2008) 26 ILT 62
Public Interest; Socio-Economic Rights; Directive principles; Judicial Activism
Laura Cahillane Some Comparative Aspects of Common and Civil Law
(2008) 26 ILT 74
Comparative Law; Comparative; Judicial System; France; United Kingdom
Alan Doherty Admiralty Jurisdiction in Ireland - A Brief History
(2008) 26 ILT 90
Admiralty Law; Brehon law; History; Admiralty court
Rosemary Craig Falling between the Cracks - A Discussion of the Reform of the Education System for Children in Northern Ireland
(2008) 26 ILT 96
Education; Education act; Proposals; Legislation; Equality; Qualifying test
Niall Neligan Compensation on Dismissal: Employment Law & Practice, Ercus Stewart, Nicola Dunleavy
(2008) 26 ILT 99
Book Review: Employment Law
Rosemary Craig No Sex in the City - A Discussion on the Draft Sexual Offences (Northern Ireland) Order
(2008) 26 ILT 106
Criminal; Non-consentual; Children; Mental disorder; Voyeurism
Benoît Keane The Lisbon Treaty - Does Ireland Need a Referendum
(2008) 26 ILT 108
Constitutional ; Constitutional basis; Crotty; EU; No vote
Rosemary Craig Is It All Right? - A Discussion on the Human Rights Act 1998 and its Impact on Equality in Northern Ireland
(2008) 26 ILT 118
Human Rights; ECHR; Convention rights; Confidentiality; Health
Mary Elizabeth Curtis Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2008 and its Provisions to Detain Asylum Seekers
(2008) 26 ILT 124
Immigration; Prioritisation; Safe Country of Origin; Third Country Concepts; Deterrence
David Prendergast Codifying Inchoate Offences
(2008) 26 ILT 134
Criminal; Relational offences; Attempt; Conspiracy; Abandonment; Liability
Desmond M. Clarke Voting for Injustice
(2008) 26 ILT 138
Constitutional; Justice; Mens rea; Amendment; Constitution
Gerald Byrne Wagering and Negligence: Knowing When to Lay Off?
(2008) 26 ILT 149
Gambling Law; Breach of statutory duty; Social responsibility; Personal autonomy; Pathological gambling
Arran Dowling-Hussey Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Professional Conduct Tribunals in Ireland
(2008) 26 ILT 155
Professional Practice; Professional conduct; Struck off; Sanctions; Civil rights and obligations
Rody O'Brien Corporate Manslaughter - A Step Closer to Reform
(2008) 26 ILT 164
Criminal; Statutory offence; Duty of care; Exemptions; Corporate killing
Aisling Parkes Hearing the Voices of the Vulnerable - Children with Disabilities and the Right to be heard under International Law
(2008) 26 ILT 170
Rights of Children; UN Convention; Non-discrimination; Benefits of listening;
Brendan Kirwan Enforcing an Undertaking as to Damages
(2008) 26 ILT 183
Practice & Procedure; Injunctions; Inquiry; Enforcement;
Tim O'Connor Bringing it Down on ther own Heads: Negligence and Changes to the Law of Rugby
(2008) 26 ILT 191
Sports Law; Implied Consent; The maul; The ELVs; Referee
Susan Leahy ''In a Woman's Voice'' - A Feminist Analysis of Irish Rape Law
(2008) 26 ILT 203
Criminal; Real rape; Stranger rape; Deserving victims; Consent; Honest belief
David Goldberg How Many Trials to Babylon?
(2008) 26 ILT 219
Criminal Law; Double jeopardy; Nemo debet non bis vexari; Ancient Greece; International law
Rosemary Craig "And the Word was made Law" - The Process for Repealing Law
(2008) 26 ILT 226
Administrative Law; Law Commission; Annual reports; Consultation; Justice of the Peace
Arran Dowling-Hussey The Mediation Directive: Was the wait worth it?
(2008) 26 ILT 235
Dispute Resolution ; Alternative dispute resolution; European Law
Rosemary Craig Double or Quits? - A Discussion on Retrials for Serious Offences under the Criminal Justice Act 2003
(2008) 26 ILT 238
Criminal Law; Applications to Court of Appeal; DNA evidence; Double jeopardy
Hilary Delany "Substantial Grounds" and "Substantial Interest" - A Restrictive Interpretation
(2008) 26 ILT 246
Planning and Development; Judicial Review in planning matters; Directive 85/4337/EEC
Rosemary Craig Sleeping with the Enemy - A Discussion on Domestic Violence in Northern Ireland
(2008) 26 ILT 254
Criminal Law; Remedies; Statistics; Bodily harm; Family Law Act 1996
Nathan Reilly Collective Redress for Consumers under the Consumer Protection Act
(2008) 26 ILT 260
Consumer law; Compensation; Damage; Consumer Protection Act 2007
Rosemary Craig The Disappearing World - Expectations of the Teaching Curriculum
(2008) 26 ILT 266
Legal Education; Syllabus; Comprehension; Pedagogical Suggestions
Stephen O'Halloran Peek-a-Boo I Can Sue You: Barristers' Immunity in the Twenty-First Century - Part I
(2008) 26 ILT 278
Legal Practice; Professional negligence; Public policy; Common Law
Gabriel Brennan A New Conveyancing Paradigm: Moves Towards Electronic Conveyancing in Ireland
(2008) 26 ILT 286
Real Property; Law Reform Commission; BearingPoint; Technological advances
Rosemary Craig Moving the Goal Posts - School Admissions in Border Areas
(2008) 26 ILT 290
Education; Department of Education; Shared Education
James Mulcahy Jurisdictional Errors of Fact in Judicial Review
(2008) 26 ILT 298
Administrative Law; Factual errors; Unreasonable decisions; No evidence rule
Stephen O'Halloran Peek-a-Boo I Can Sue You: Barristers' Immunity in the Twenty-First Century - Part II
(2008) 26 ILT 304
Legal Practice; Immunity from suit; Insurance implications; Negligence litigation
Rosemary Craig Love One Another, as I have Loved You- A Discussion on 'Hate Crimes' in Northern Ireland
(2008) 26 ILT 310
Criminal; Encitememt to hatred; Public order; Criminal Justice
Arran Dowling-Hussey & Derek Dunne Arbitration: The Award on Cost
(2008) 26 ILT 318
Arbitration; Costs; Tax
Moling Ryan Access to Justice and Unmet Legal Needs
(2008) 26 ILT 325
Criminal Justice; Resolutions; Outcomes; Policy issues
Liam Clare, Máire Ní Chearbhaill  Trouble With the Law: Crimes and Trials From Ireland's Past
(2008) 26 ILT 31
Book Review; Irish Legal History
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