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List of Periodicals

Irish Law Times - 2000

K O Halloran & O Breen Charity Law in Ireland and Northern Ireland - Registration and Regulation
[2000] 18 ILT 6
Charity Law; Northern Ireland
Ann Walley The Directive on Certain Aspects of the Sale of Consumer Goods and Associated Guarantees - Implications for Irish Consumer Sales Law
[2000] 18 ILT 23
Contract Law; Consumer Protection
Gearoid Carey Persuasion, Authority and the Judicial Audience
[2000] 18 ILT 42
Hilary Delany Security for Costs in Relation to Corporate Plaintiffs
[2000] 18 ILT 58
Company Law; Security for Costs
Desmond M Clarke Constitutional Bootstrapping: The Irish Nation
[2000] 18 ILT 74
Constitutional Law; Articles 2 and 3
Karen Murray The US Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act 1999 and its implications for Irish Users of the .com Registry
[2000] 18 ILT 78
Information Technology Law; Consumer Protection Act 1999; Domain Names
Anthony P Quinn Wigs and Guns
[2000] 18 ILT 90
Legal History
Jack Anderson Kosovo and the Legality of NATO's Actions
[2000] 18 ILT 106
Public International Law; Humanitarian Intervention
Gearoid Carey Jury Reform and Lord Justice Aulds Criminal Courts Review-Implications for Ireland
[2000] 18 ILT 122
Criminal Courts System; Juries
Hilary Delany Striking Out where No Reasonable Cause of Action, where Claim Frivolous or where Clearly Unsustainable
[2000] 18 ILT 127
Court Proceedings; Striking Out
Allan Levy The Marginalized Child
[2000] 18 ILT 158
Family Law; Childrens Rights
Damian Mc Hugh Nervous Shock: A Case Note on Curran v Cadbury (Ireland) Ltd
[2000] 18 ILT 162
Law of Tort; Nervous Shock
Karen Murray The Electronic Commerce Bill 2000
[2000] 18 ILT 174
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce Bill 2000
Gearoid Carey Towards Simpler Legal Language
[2000] 18 ILT 177
Legal Writings; Linguistics; Interpretation
Raymond Byrne The Criminal Justice Act 1999
[2000] 18 ILT 190
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice Act (No 10) 1999
Raymond Byrne The Electricity Regulation Act 1999
[2000] 18 ILT 202
Electricity Regulation Act 1999
Kathleen A Moore Walsh The Roundabout Tavern Settlement: A Reflection of American Publican Liability?
[2000] 18 ILT 205
Law of Tort; Negligence
Oliver Mills Moral Considerations Need Not Inform Laws Response to Biotechnology
[2000] 18 ILT 218
Intellectual Property Law; Patents
Olivia Smith Legislating Against Low Pay: The National Minimum Wage Act 2000: Part I
[2000] 18 ILT 222
Labour Law; National Minimum Wage Act 2000
Olivia Smith Legislating Against Low Pay: The National Minimum Wage Act 2000: Part II
[2000] 18 ILT 234
Labour Law; National Minimum Wage Act 2000
Anna-Louise Hinds The Wireless Telegraphy Act 1926 After Laurentiu
[2000] 18 ILT 250
Telecommunications Law; Wireless Telegraphy Act 1926
Leo Flynn Simple Catchwords and Complex Legal Realities: Recent Developments Concerning the Juridicial Effects of EC Legal Norms
[2000] 18 ILT 255
European Law; Implementation
Tom Carney The US Doctrine of Essential Facility
[2000] 18 ILT 266
Competition Law; Essential Facilities
Daniel O Connor Irelands Neutrality under the Amsterdam Treaty
[2000] 18 ILT 283
European Law; Amsterdam Treaty; Neutrality
Gordon Duffy Fitness to Practice, Preliminary Enquiries and Fair Procedures: A Change in Standards?
[2000] 18 ILT 298
Administrative Law; Professional Disciplinary Proceedings
Mary Flanagan Fundamental Rights in EU Law - The Best Way Forward?
[2000] 18 ILT 314
European Law; Human Rights Law
Raymond Murphy The Permanent International Criminal Court - Solving the Missing Link in the International Legal System?
[2000] 18 ILT
Public International Law; International Criminal Court
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