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List of Periodicals

Irish Jurist - 2003

Basil Markesinis Scholarship, Reputation of Scholarship and Legacy - Provocative Reflections from a Comparatist's Point of View
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 1
Comparative Law; Legal Doctrine; Common Law; Civil Law
Lord Woolf Should the Media and the Judiciay be on Speaking Terms?
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 25
Media; Judiciary; Democracy; Separation of Powers;
Charles Lysaght Publicity of Court Proceedings
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 34
Judiciary; Publicity; Democracy; Rule of Law; In camera rule
Noel J. Travers The Reception of Commuinty Legislation into Irish Law and Related Issues Revisited
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 58
European Law; European Communities Act 1972; Constitutional Law
Leila Anglade The Use of Transnational Rules of Law in International Arbitration
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 92
Arbitration; Private International Law; Business
Heather Conway The Death of the Legal Metropolis? Law Reform and the Family Home in Northern Ireland
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 124
Family Law; Property Law; Comparative Law; Precedent
Raoul Muhm The Role of the Public Prosecutor in Germany
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 150
Kohl Scandal; Judiciary; Political Interference
John O'Dowd Knowing How Way Leads on to Way: Some Reflections on the Abbylara Decision
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 162
Seperation of Powers; Parliamentary Privilege; Investigative Powers; Maguire v. Ardagh
Alan Dowling The Doctrine of the Lost Modern Grant
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 224
Property Law; Easements; Lost Modern Grant; Prescription; European Convention on Human Rights
Jack Anderson The Evolution of the Ultra Vires Rule in Irish Company Law
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 262
Company Law; Ultra Vires; Irish Company Law Review Group
Una Woods Commonhold: An Option for Ireland
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 284
Property Law; Landlord and Tenant Law; Leasehold
A. Wijffels Ompteda Revisited: The Metamorphoses of Scholarship on International Law
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 313
International Law; International Relations; Legal History
Stephen C. Neff James Stephen's War in Disguise: The Story of a Book
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 330
International Law; Neutrality; Legal History
John P.M. White The Liability in Costs of the Insurer as Dominus Letis at Irish Law
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 352
Insurance; Curran v. Finn; Duress
Liz Heffernan The Vagaries of Accomplice Evidence
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 369
Criminal Law; Evidence; People v. Paul Ward; D.P.P. v. Paul Ward
Sean Patrick Donlan "A Thing Without Cohesion of Parts"? The Professional and Pedagogical Contribution of Mixed Jurisdictions
(2003) xxxviii IR JUR 383
Legal Systems; Mixed Jurisdictions; Comparative Law
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