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List of Periodicals

Irish Jurist - 2002

Lord Steyn  Perspectives of corrective and distributive justice in tort law
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 1
Law of Tort; Justice
Sandra Day O'Connor  Copyright law from an American perspective
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 16
Copyright Law; International Law
Martin B Margulies  Standards of review and state action under the Irish Constitution
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 23
Constitutional Law; State; Review
Ian O'Donnell  Unlawful killing past and present
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 56
Criminal Law; Unlawful Killing
Eoin Quill  Successive causes and the measurement of damages
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 91
Law of Tort; Causation; Damages
Mark De Blacam  Children, constitutional rights and the separation of powers
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 113
Constitutional Law; Children
Lucy-Ann Buckley  Perpetuities reform in Ireland?
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 143
Property Law; Perpetuities
Shane Kilcommins  The duty to disclose previous criminal information in Irish insurance law
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 167
Insurance Law; Disclosure
Thomas Mohr  Law without loyalty-the abolition of the Irish appeal to the Privy Council
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 187
Legal History; Sovereignity
W N Osborough  Constitutionally constructing a sense of oneness: facets of law in Ireland after the Union
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 227
Legal Systems
Desmond Greer  Crime, justice and legal literature in nineteenth-century Ireland
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 241
Criminal Law; Justice; Legal History
Bernadette McSherry  Confidential communications between clients and mental health care professionals
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 269
Mental Health Law; Confidentiality
Una Woods  Joint deposit accounts and the conditional gift theory
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 281
Law of Equity; Gift
John Mee  Undue influence and bank guarantees
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 292
Law of Equity; Undue Influence; Guarantor
Austen Morgan  The Northern Ireland (Location of Victims' Remains) Act 1999: amnesty, immunity or what?
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 306
Northern Ireland; Belfast Agreement; Victims
David O'Keeffe  Book Review: Liber Memorialis Professor James C. Brady edited by Breen, Casey and Kerr.
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 322
Kevin Gray  Book Review: Land Law in Ireland by Lyall
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 324
Lyall; Land Law
John Healy  Book Review: Errors, Medicine and the Law by Merry and McCall Smith
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 326
Merry; McCall Smity; Medical Law; Medical Negligence
Brian Farrell  Book Review: Bodies of Evidence, Medicine and the Politics of the English Inquest, 1830-1926 by Burney
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 329
Burney; Medical Law; Inquest
Brian Hutchinson  Book Review: Law & the Internet-A Framework for Electronic Commerce edited by Edwards and Waelde
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 333
Information Technology Law; Internet; Electronic Commerce
Charles Lysagh  Book Review: A Judgment Too Far? Judicial activism and the Constitution
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 336
Morgan; Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers
Ian O'Donnell  Book Review: White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers edited by Weisburd, Waring and Chayet
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 339
Criminal Law; White Collar Crime
Liam O'Malley  Book Review: Partnership Law by Twomey
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 342
Twomey; Partnership Law
David Gwynn Morgan  Book Review: Social Inclusion and the Legal System by Whyte
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 344
whyte; Legal Systems; Social Policy
Tim Murphy  Book Review: Lloyd's Introduction to Jurisprudence by Freeman
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 348
Freeman; Jurisprudence
Tim Murphy  Book Review: The Oxford Handbook of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law edited by Coleman and Shapiro
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 348
Jurisprudence; Philosophy
Anthony Kerr  Book Review: An Analysis of the Economic Torts by Carty
(2002) xxxvii IR JUR 352
Carty; Law of Tort