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List of Periodicals

Irish Jurist - 1996

T.F. O' Higgins  The Irish Legal System
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 1
Constitutional Law; Common Law; Jurisprudence
L. Neville Brown  State Liability to individuals in damages: an emerging doctrine of European Union Law
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 7
European Law; State Liability
Finbarr Murphy  Irish Participation in European Integration: the casual abandonment of sovereignty
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 22
European Law; European Integration; Constitutional Law
Evelyn Ellis  The status of European Community law in the United Kingdom
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 35
European Law; European Integration
Finbarr McAuley  The grammar of mistake in criminal law
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 56
Criminal Law; Mistake
Takis Tridimas  The principle of proportionality in Community Law: from the rule of law to market integration
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 83
European Law; European Integration; Principle of Proportionality
James Casey  Interpretation of constitutional guarantees: an antipodean history lesson?
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 102
Constitutional Law; Guarantees
Leo Flynn  Taking remedies too seriously? National procedural autonomy in the European Court of Justice
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 110
European Law; International Law; Sovereignty
James C. Brady  Aspiring students, retiring professors and the doctrine of legitimate expectation
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 133
Law of Equity; Legitimate Expectation
David O'Keeffe & Margot Horspool  European citizenship and the free movement of persons
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 145
European Law; Citizenship
Clive R. Symmons  The incorporation of customary international law into Irish law: recent developments and suggestions
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 165
International Law; Customary International Law; Incorporation
Hans Ankum  Ambulatorius in the Roman legal sources
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 190
Legal History; Roman Law
Ronan Keane  The voice of the Gael Chief Justice Kennedy and the emergence of the new Irish court system, 1921-36
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 205
Legal History; Judiciary
W.N. Osborough  Letters to Ireland - professional enlightenment from the English bench
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 226
Legal History; Common Law
Paul Brand  An Irishman in Westminster hall: William Skrene of Dundalk, King's Sergeant at law (c.1358-c.1420)
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 255
Legal History; Judiciary
Daire Hogan  The preparation of the Solicitors' Acts 1954 and 1960
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 266
Legal History; Legal Profession; Constitutional law
Neil McLeod  Property and honour price in the Brehon law glosses and commentaries
(1996) xxxi IR JUR 280
Legal History; Brehon Law