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List of Periodicals

Irish Journal of Family Law - 2006

Fergus W. Ryan Recognisiong Family Diversity: Children, One-Parent Familes And The Law
(2006) 1 IFLJ 3
Family; Family Diversity, Relationship with parents, childrens rights, reform of child law
Inge Clissman & Paul Hutchinson The Right Of The Child To Be Heard In Guardianship, Custody And Access Cases - Part 1
(2006) 1 IFLJ 11
Family; Childrens views, Gillick, International Obligations, Foreign Authorities
Jennifer Schweppe Pregnant Women And Unborn Children: In Utero Drug Exposure
(2006) 1 IFLJ 19
Family; Medical evidence, Other Jurisdictions, Recommended reforms.
Inge Clissman & Paul Hutchinson The Right Of The Child To Be Heard In Guardianship, Custody And Access Cases - Part 2
(2006) 2 IFLJ 2
Family; Right of childs to be heard, listing of minors in court proceedings
Daniel Walshe The Presumption Of Paternity: Proposals For Reform In New Zealand, And Their Potential Application In Ireland
(2006) 2 IFLJ 8
Family; Paternity, DNA Testing, Civil Union Act 2004
Eimear Spain Vo v France: Reasonable Settlement Or Missed Opportunity?
(2006) 2 IFLJ 16
Family; European Court Of Human Rights, Irish Context, unintentional homicide
Fiona De Londres The Law That Dare not Speak its Name
(2006) 2 IFLJ 20
Family; The Family in the constitution, Concept of marriage, same sex marriage
Helen Buckley Duty To Care: Reducing Risk In Childcare Settings
(2006) 3 IFLJ 3
Family; Abusers in Childcare settings, Vulnerability, Gender questions, protection from false allegations
Richard McNamara & Frank Martin Brussels Calling: The Unstoppable Europeanisation Of Irish Family Law
(2006) 3 IFLJ 8
Family; Intra Country divorce, European Regulation, Brussels II bis, Rome III
Fiona McNicholas & Edwina Barry Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy: Current Challenges
(2006) 3 IFLJ 22
Family; Prevalence, Diagnosis, Treatment
Ian Curry-Sumner It's Marriage Jim But Not As We Know It. Is The Ban On Same Sex Marriage In The United Kingdom Justified?
(2006) 4 IFLJ 2
Family; Religion, Formalitites, Parentage, International Issues, Analysis Of Justification
Mairead Enright Justice, Convention And Anedote: Evans And The Right To Become A Mother
(2006) 4 IFLJ 11
Family; Right to become a mother, Male rights to aviod parenthood, Equal rights theory, heirarchy of rights
Ross Aylward The Problem Of Defining Marriage
(2006) 4 IFLJ 21
Family; Difficulty of defination, State defination, religion
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