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List of Periodicals

Irish Journal of Family Law - 1999

Hilary Walpole  Tax implications of Divorce
[1999] 1 IJFL 2
Family Law; Divorce; Taxation
H Buckley, C Skehill & E O Sullivan  Protecting Children Under the Child Care Act 1991-Getting the Balance Right
[1999] 1 IJFL 10
Family Law; Children; Child Care Act 1991
Tabitha Wood  Child Abduction-An Irish Perspective
[1999] 1 IJFL 15
Family Law; Child Abduction
Roisin Pillay  Implementation of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption: The Law Reform Commission Report
[1999] 1 IJFL 19
Family Law; Adoption; Law Reform Commission
Anne Marie Blaney  Family Mediation-A Comparative Overview
[1999] 2 IJFL 2
Family Law; Mediation; Alternative Dispute Resolution
Louise Monaghan  The Slicing of the Marital Cake-Separation Agreements and Property Adjustment Orders
[1999] 2 IJFL 8
Family Law; Separation; Property Adjustment Order
Kieron Wood  Nullity and Divorce-The New Alternatives?
[1999] 2 IJFL 12
Family Law; Nullity; Divorce
Helen O Driscoll  Rights of Unmarried Fathers
[1999] 2 IJFL 18
Family Law; Fathers
C Power & G Shannon  Practice and Procedure
[1999] 2 IJFL 24
Family Law; Expert Witness; Child Trafficking; Pornography; Barring Order
John Mc Carthy  Pensions and Family Law: Practical Solutions to Common Problems
[1999] 3 IJFL 2
Family Law; Pensions
Rosemary Horgan  Child Pornography and the Internet-Freedom of expression Versus the Common Good
[1999] 3 IJFL 7
Pornography; Freedom of Expression; Internet
D Charlton & J O Mahony  Safety and Sanctions: Domestic Violence and the Enforcement of Law in Ireland; Conference Report
[1999] 3 IJFL 10
Family Law; Domestic Violence
C Power & G Shannon  Practice and Procedure
[1999] 3 IJFL 13
Family Law; Ex-Parte Application; Passports; Court Proceedings
B Carolan, C Power & G Shannon  Cases and Comment
[1999] 3 IJFL 15
Family Law; Divorce; Custody; Adoption; Maintenance; European Law; Child Abduction
Vivienne Darling  The Changing Face of Adoption
[1999] 4 IJFL 2
Family Law; Adoption
C Niall Mc Elwee  From Legislation to Practice: Some Observations on the 1991 Child Care Act in Relation to the Promotion and protection of Children
[1999] 4 IJFL 7
Family Law; Children; Child Care Act 1991
Ray Arthur  The European Court of Human Rights and the Abolition of Corporal Punishment in Ireland
[1999] 4 IJFL 10
European Law; European Court of Human Rights; Corporal Punishment
Frank Martin  The Denham Commission Reports: A Critical Analysis
[1999] 4 IJFL 18
Courts System; Report
C Power & G Shannon  Practice and Procedure
[1999] 4 IJFL 23
Family Law; Child Abuse
C Power & G Shannon  Cases and Comment
[1999] 4 IJFL 24
Family Law; Child Abduction; Custody; Succession; Nullity; Sexual Offence; Evidence; Wardship