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List of Periodicals

Irish Intellectual Property Review - 1998

John Rutledge  Irish Copyright Law Reform - The Copyright (Amendment) Bill 1998 and Beyond
(1998) 2 (1) IIPR 2
Copyright Law; Copyright (Amendment) Bill 1998
Hugh Laddie  Copyright Law: Perspectives from a Neighboring Island
(1998) 2 (1) IIPR 5
Copyright Law; International Law
Robert Clarke  More European Union Harmonisation Measures in Copyright Law: New Rights Explained
(1998) 2 (1) IIPR 12
European Copyright Law
Niall Michel  Towards Greater Governmental Transparency: The Freedom of Information Act 1997
(1998) 2 (1) IIPR 17
Freedom of Information Act 1997
Kevin G Lynch  Digital Works and Irish Copyright Law
(1998) 2 (1) IIPR 20
Copyright Law; Digital Copyright
Helen Sheehy  Performers and Copyright - Where is the Equity?
(1998) 2 (1) IIPR 30
Copyright Law; Equity
Andrew Parkes & Niall Rooney  Puma/Sabel Case
(1998) 2 (1) IIPR 35
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Marks
James Bridgeman  Book Review: Blackstones Guide to the Community Trade Mark by Annad Norman & Helen Norman
(1998) 2 (1) IIPR 36
Norman; European Law; Trade Marks
Peter B Shortt  The Law on Industrial Design in Ireland
(1998) 2 (2) IIPR 11
Intellectual Property Law; Industrial Design
James Bridgeman  International Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes
(1998) 2 (2) IIPR 16
International Arbitration; Intellectual Property Law
Karen Murray  Termination of Intellectual Property Licenses
(1998) 2 (2) IIPR 20
Intellectual Property Law; Licenses
Assumpta Duffy  Biotechnology and its Patenting Under the New EC Directive
(1998) 2 (2) IIPR 20
European Law; Biotechnology; Patents
Maureen Daly  European Directive on Comparative Advertising
(1998) 2 (2) IIPR 26
European Law; Advertising
D Kelleher & P Walley  Conferences: Remedies for Copyright Infringement; Liability on the Internet; British and Irish Legal Technical Association
(1998) 2 (2) IIPR 28
Copyright Law; Copyright Infringement; Internet; Education
Denis Mc Donald  Book Review: Intellectual Property Law in Ireland by Clark & Smyth
(1998) 2 (2) IIPR 35
Clark; Smyth; Intellectual Property Law
Jonathan Newman  Practical and Constitutional Impact of the Presumptions in the Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1998
(1998) 2 (3) IIPR 2
Intellectual Property Law; Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1998
Linda Scales  Copyright - The Shape of Things to Come
(1998) 2 (3) IIPR 7
Copyright Law
Denis Kelleher  Child Pornography and the Internet
(1998) 2 (3) IIPR 13
Criminal Law; Child Pornography; Internet
Sam Ricketson  Copyright Law Reform in Australia and the Problems of Cyberspace, Authors Rights and Public Access
(1998) 2 (3) IIPR 17
International Law; Copyright Law; Author; Public Access
John Davis  Case Summary: Mandarim Records v Mechanical Copyright Protection Society
(1998) 2 (3) IIPR 31
Copyright Law; Statutory Interpretation
Gerry Kinsella  Book Review: Harmonisation of Intellectual Property in Europe - A Case Study of Patent procedure, Vol 3 of Perspectives On Intellectual Property by Philip Leith
(1998) 2 (3) IIPR 32
Leith; Intellectual Property Law