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List of Periodicals

Irish Criminal Law Journal - 2006

Paul Gunning  Is there a European Criminal Code?
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 2
Criminal; Europe; Amsterdam Treaty; arrest warrant; European Constitution; EPP; codification
Gerard Coffey  The influence of double jeopardy on the sentencing process
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 8
Criminal; Double jeopardy; undue leniency; vindictive prosecution; reference factor
Nathan Reilly  The impact of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive on Irish Criminal Law
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 15
Criminal; Theft and fraud offences; UCPD Act; R v King and Stockwell; coercion; harassment
John P. Byrne  Evidence and procedure update
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 21
Criminal; Refusal to call witnesses; admissibility; CCA; Lacy
Kiwana Ennis  Cases and comment
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 25
Criminal; DPP v McCabe; DPP v McGlaughlin; non-custodial sentences; rape; DPP v Ducque; sentencing
Liz Heffernan  The taking of forensic samples; A review of proposed reforms
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 2
Criminal; "Forensics; samples; right to bodily integrity; Forensic Evidence Act, 1990; DNA debate"
Kieran O'Dwyer  Restoratice Justice: A response to Diarmuid Griffin
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 10
Criminal; Garda Diversion Programme; restorative theory; reply; Ashworth
Barry Vaughan  Reforms to policing North and South
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 17
Criminal; Police Complaints Board; Patten Report; PANI; Garda Síochána; ceasefire; troubles;
John P. Byrne  Evidence and procedure update
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 21
Criminal; DPP v ED; excessive counts; gross delay; sexual abuse; CCA;
Lorcan Staines  Cases and comment
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 26
Criminal; DPP v Cleary; Misuse of Drugs Act; DPP v Kelly; deliberating; time delay; DPP v Finnamore
Roberta Guiry  Who is the victim? The use of Victim Impact Statements in murder and manslaughter cases
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 2
Criminal; VIS; Criminal Justice Act 1993; Law Reform Commission; homicide; Club Anabel
Rebecca Coen  The rise of the victim-A path to punitiveness?
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 10
Criminal; Zedner; Criminal Justice Act 1993; guilty plea; effect on victims; punishment; anti-defendantism
Gerard Coffey  The vicitm of crime and the criminal justice process
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 15
Criminal; Role of victims; appeals against sentence; Victim Impact Statements; EU standards; 1993
John P. Byrne  Evidence and procedure update
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 23
Criminal; European Arrest Warrant; discovery; rules of evidence; prejudicial delay
Lorcan Staines  Cases and comment
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 28
Criminal; DPP v EC; jury warnings; sexual abuse; DPP v O'Regan; fresh evidence
Dr Ursula Kilkelly  Reform of Youth Justice in Ireland: the "New"Children Act 2001
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 2
Criminal; Children Act 2001; detention school; diversion programme; Youth Justice Review; Criminal Justice Act 2006
Andrea Ryan  The European Evidence Warrant: the emergence of a European Law of Evidence?
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 8
Criminal; European Evidence Warrant; mutual assistance; mutual recognition; human rights; civil liberties; Green Paper
Gerard Murphy  The admissibility of sexual experience in Ireland
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 15
Criminal; CCA; sexual cases; evidential problems; rape; Criminal Law Act 1981; DPP v GK; R v A; R v Darrach
John P. Byrne  Evidence and procedure update
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 21
Criminal; Seizure of drugs; McNulty v DPP; Misuse of Drugs Act 1977; warrant; judicial review; White v DPP;
Lorcan Staines  Cases and comment
(2006) Vol 16 ICLJ 25
Criminal; Broderick v DPP; evidence; photographs; DPP v Maguire; DPP v Allen; identification