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List of Periodicals

Irish Criminal Law Journal - 2004

Dermot Walsh The Proposed Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission: a Critique
[2004] 14 (1) ICLJ 2
Police; Criminal Law; Ombudsman
Fiona de Londras Kow Towing to the Twin Gods of Time and Money: The Guilty Plea Discount in Sentencing
[2004] 14 (1) ICLJ 14
Sentencing; Retributive model; Courts System; Efficiency; Judicial Discretion
Shane Murphy The Use of Business Records in Prosecutions
[2004] 14 (1) ICLJ 19
Evidence; Self incrimination; Computerised Records
Ian O'Donnell Patterns in Crime
[2004] 14 (2) ICLJ 2
Criminal Law; Statistics; Garda Siochana; PULSE
Brian Conroy Sentencing under the Child Pornography and Trafficking Act 1998
[2004] 14 (2) ICLJ 8
Criminal Law; Child Pornography; Sentencing; Judicial Discretion
Paul O 'Mahony The US War on Terrorism and Other Difficulties facing the Evolving EU Human Rights Environment
[2004] 14 (2) ICLJ 14
Human Rights Law; Criminal Law; Due Process; Terrorism; Serious Crime
Yvonne Mary Daly The Criminal Justice Bill, 2004: No Step Forward, Two Steps Back
[2004] 14 (3) ICLJ 2
Criminal Law; Admissibility of witness statements; Period of detention; Rights of the accused
Michael Dillon Intoxicated Automatism is no Defence: Majewski is Law in Ireland
[2004] 14 (3) ICLJ 7
Criminal Law; Intoxication; Basic Intent; Specific Intent; People v. Reilly
Charles Lysaght The Court Poor Box
[2004] 14 (3) ICLJ 16
Probation of Offenders Act 1907; Law Reform Commission; Criminal Procedure; Fairness
Dermot Walsh The Proposed Garda Complaints Procedure: A Critique
[2004] 14 (4) ICLJ 2
Police; Criminal Law; Ombudsman; Complaints; Disciplinary Procedure
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