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List of Periodicals

Irish Criminal Law Journal - 2003

Christina Quinlan  The Women We Imprison
[2003] 13 (1) ICLJ 2
Criminal Law; Women; Punishment
Sinead McMahon  The Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences Act 2001: An Overview
[2003] 13 (1) ICLJ 8
Criminal Law; Fraud;
Gearoid Carey  Criminal Trials and Language Rights
[2003] 13 (1) ICLJ 15
Irish Language; Criminal Process; Mac Cathraigh v. Ireland
Paul O'Mahony  Social Deprivation and Crime: A Critique of the UCD Faculty of Law Criminal Justice Committee's Views
[2003] 13 (1) ICLJ 23
Criminal Justice System; Criminology; Social Policy; National Crime Forum
Mary Ellen Ring  Trial and Error: Current Problems in the Trial of Sexual Offences: A Prosecutor's Perspective
[2003] 13 (2) ICLJ 3
Criminal Justice System; Sexual Offences
D.J. Daly  The Forensic Science Laboratory's Approach to Sexual Offences
[2003] 13 (2) ICLJ 6
Sexual Offences; Forensic Science; Law of Evidence
Mary Delmar  Sexual Crime Investigations
[2003] 13 (2) ICLJ 8
Sexual Offences; Law of Evidence; An Garda Siochana
Clare Leon  Statistical Overview of Sexual Offences
[2003] 13 (2) ICLJ 12
Sexual Offences
Ian O'Donnell  Preventing the Ill-Treatment of Detainees
[2003] 13 (3) ICLJ 2
Criminal Law; Ill Treatment; Accused; Detainees
Gearoid Carey  Criminal Trials and Language Rights: Part II
[2003] 13 (3) ICLJ 5
Criminal Law; Trial; Language;
Deidre Ahern  Corporate Killing: The Way Forward?
[2003] 13 (3) ICLJ 10
Corporate Law; Liability; Gross Negligence, Manslaughter
Ursula Kilkelly  Children Detention Schools: Learning from International Best Practice
[2003] 13 (3) ICLJ 15
Juvenile Justice; Detention Schools; Children;
Gerard Coway  Fitness to Plead in Light of the Criminal Law (Insantiy) Bill 2002
[2003] 13 (4) ICLJ 2
Insanity; Criminal Law
David Joyce  The Historical Criminalisation of Travellers in Irish Law
[2003] 13 (4) ICLJ 16
Travelers; Legislative Reform
Russell Heaton  Dealing in Death
[2003] 13 (4) ICLJ 18
Drug Offences; Manslaughter; Criminal Law