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List of Periodicals

Dublin University Law Journal - 2002

Hilary Delany  Judicial Review in Cases of Asylum Seekers
(2002) 24 DULJ 1
Refugee Law; Asylum; Judicial Review
Mary Keys  Challenging the Lawfulness of Psychiatric Detention under Habeas Corpus in Ireland
(2002) 24 DULJ 26
European Convention on Human Rights; Insanity; Habeas Corpus
Conor O'Mahony  Education, Remedies and the Seperation of Powers
(2002) 24 DULJ 57
Education; Separation of Powers; Constitutional Law
Fergus W. Ryan  Disability and the Right to Education: Defining the Constitutional "Child"
(2002) 24 DULJ 96
Education; Separation of Powers; Disability; Constitutional Law
Yvonne Scannell  Observations on Environmental Impact Assessment in Theory and Practice
(2002) 24 DULJ 124
Environmental Impact Assessment; Environmental Law
Máire Ní Shúilleabháin  Accomodating Cultural Diversity under Irish Family Law
(2002) 24 DULJ 175
Foreign Marriages; Genital Mutilation; Cultural Diversity; Family Law
James Tunney  Conceptions of Justice in "The Field"
(2002) 24 DULJ 199
Justice; Jurisprudence
Liz Heffernan  European Law - Beyond the Treaty of Nice: Constitutional Decision-making in the European Union
(2002) 24 DULJ 236
Law of the European Union; European Integration
Robert Lane & Niamh Nic Shuibhne  European Law - Oil and Troubled Waters
(2002) 24 DULJ 251
Article 230 Annulment; Private parties; Law of the European Union
Ursula Kilkelly  Children's Rights - DG v. Ireland: Protecting the Rights of Children at Risk - Lazy Government and Unruly Courts
(2002) 24 DULJ 268
Children; Young Offenders; Child Care
Michael Twomey  Partnership Law - Unexpected Liability for Partner in Property Invertment
(2002) 24 DULJ 291
AIB Group (UK) Plc v. Martin
Eoin O'Dell  Restitution - Debt and Taxes: Woolwich in Ireland
(2002) 24 DULJ 295
Bank of Ireland Trust Services v. Revenue Commissioners
Gernot Biehler  Book Review: von Munch, Legal Education and the Legal Profession in Germany
(2002) 24 DULJ 309
German Law & Practice; Jurisprudence
William Binchy  Book Review: Morgan, A Judgment Too Far? Judicial Activism and the Constitution
(2002) 24 DULJ 311
Judicial Activism; Constitutional Law
Robert Chambers  Book Review: Mee, The Property Rights of Cohabitees
(2002) 24 DULJ 312
Property Law; Law of Equity; Family Law; Division of assets
Sean Patrick Donlan  Book Review: Stein, Roman Law in European History
(2002) 24 DULJ 322
Legal History
Jonathan Garton  Book Review: O'Halloran and Cormacain, Charity Law in Northern Ireland
(2002) 24 DULJ 324
Charity Law; Law of Equity
Emer Gilvarry & Elizabeth Ryan  Book Review: Bolger and Kimber, Sex Discrimination Law
(2002) 24 DULJ 327
Sex Discrimination; Equality
Lawrence LeBlanc  Book Review: Kilkelly, The Child and the European Convention on Human Rights
(2002) 24 DULJ 330
Children; European Convention on Human Rights