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List of Periodicals

Irish Criminal Law Journal - 2000

Andrea Ryan Arrest and Detention: A Review of the Law
[2000] 10 (1) ICLJ 2
Criminal Law; Arrest; Detention
John Meade Organised Crime, Moral Panic and Law Reform: the Irish Adoption of Civil Forfeiture
[2000] 10 (1) ICLJ 11
Criminal Law; Organised Crime; Public Policy
John PM White The Confessional State-Police Interrogation in the Irish Republic: Part I
[2000] 10 (1) ICLJ 17
Criminal Law; Police; Interrogation
Patrick O Reilly The Scheme of International Mutual Assistance in Ireland
[2000] 10 (1) ICLJ 21
Criminal Law; Public International Law; International Mutual Assistance
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott Evidence and Procedure Update: People (DPP) v Charles J Haughey
[2000] 10 (1) ICLJ 23
Administration Law; Tribunals of Enquiry (Evidence) (Amendment) Act 1979; Publicity; Delay
Julie Liston Cases and Comment: People (DPP) v Cullagh; People (DPP) v Meehan; O Sullivan v District Judge Wallace; People (DPP) v Finnerty; People (DPP) v Sean Bambrick
[2000] 10 (1) ICLJ 26
Constitutional Rights; Criminal Negligence; Provocation; Right to Silence; Evidence of Accomplices
Ivana Bacik Book Review: Criminal Law by Peter Charleton, Paul Anthony Mc Dermott & Marguerite Bolger
[2000] 10 (1) ICLJ 34
Charleton; Mc Dermott; Bolger; Criminal Law
Ivana Bacik Book Review: An Introduction to Irish Criminal Law by Conor Hanly
[2000] 10 (1) ICLJ 34
Hanly; Criminal Law
John PM White The Confessional State-Police Interrogation in the Irish Republic: Part II
[2000] 10 (2) ICLJ 2
Criminal Law; Police; Interrogation
Michael O Connell The Volume of Crime in Ireland-Crime Surveys and Official Figures
[2000] 10 (2) ICLJ 7
Criminal Law; Crime Trends
Terry Thomas Protecting the Public: Some Observations on the Sex Offenders Bill 2000
[2000] 10 (2) ICLJ 12
Criminal Law; Sex Offenders Bill 2000; Sexual Offence
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott Evidence and Procedure Update: Entick v Carrington; V v United Kingdom
[2000] 10 (2) ICLJ 16
Search Warrant; Child Offender
Julie Liston Cases and Comment: DPP (Garda Des Mc Tiernan) v Alan Bradley; Eamon Kelly v Paul O Neill and Conor Brady; Emmet Corbett v DPP
[2000] 10 (2) ICLJ 20
Criminal Law; Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997; Arrest; Contempt of Court; Publicity; Constitutional Right; Statutory Interpretation
Ian O Donnell Book Review: Sentencing Law and Practice by Tom O Malley
[2000] 10 (2) ICLJ 30
O Malley; Sentencing
Clare Leon Recorded Sexual Offences 1994-1997: An Overview
[2000] 10 (3) ICLJ 2
Criminal Law; Sexual Offences
Gearoid Carey Victims, Victimology and Victim Impact Statements
[2000] 10 (3) ICLJ 8
Criminal Law; Victims
Barry Vaughan Breaking out of Jail: Generating Non-Custodial Penalties for Juveniles
[2000] 10 (3) ICLJ 14
Criminal Law; Young Offenders
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott Evidence and Procedure Update
[2000] 10 (3) ICLJ 18
Law of Evidence; Proof
Julie Liston Cases and Comment: People (DPP) v K; People (DPP) v Thomas Mc Cormack
[2000] 10 (3) ICLJ 23
Law of Evidence; Criminal Justice Act 1993; Sentencing
Ian O Donnell A Comment on Sentencing
[2000] 10 (4) ICLJ 2
Gearoid Carey Mens Rea and the Irish Riot
[2000] 10 (4) ICLJ 4
Criminal Law; Public Order
Paul Lambert Swearing Blind with Pointed Fingers: The Psychology of Identification Parades and Eyewitness Identification
[2000] 10 (4) ICLJ 11
Law of Evidence; Identification
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott Evidence and Procedure Update
[2000] 10 (4) ICLJ 15
Silence; Sentencing
Julie Liston Cases and Comment: DPP v Liam Arthurs; JO C v DPP; PO C v DPP; JL v DPP
[2000] 10 (4) ICLJ 19
Delay; Sexual Offence
Barry Vaughan Book Review: Prison Policy in Ireland: Criminal Justice Versus Social Justice by Paul O Mahony
[2000] 10 (4) ICLJ 27
O Mahony; Prison; Justice
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