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List of Periodicals

Dublin University Law Journal - 2007

P F Smith Apartment Ownership: From Background Law to Efficient Managment?
(2007) 29 DULJ 1
Property; Apartment ownership; Multi-unit development; Scheme management
Gerard Coffey Evaluating the Common Law Principle Against Retrials
(2007) 29 DULJ 26
Criminal; Double jeopardy; International law; Forensic Science; Reform
Brónagh Maher Developments in Bad Character Evidence: Undermining The Accused's Shield
(2007) 29 DULJ 57
Evidence; Bad character evidence; Prejudice; Reform
Noel Cox The Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland and Continuity of Legal Authority
(2007) 29 DULJ 84
Administrative; Grants of Arms; Authority; Law of Arms
Eoin Carolan Democratic Control or "High-Sounding Hocus-Pocus"? - A Public Choice Analysis of The Non-Delegation Doctrine
(2007) 29 DULJ 111
Constitutional; Non-delegation; US law; Public choice;
Brian Foley Presuming the Legislature Acts Constitutionally: Legislative Process and Constitutional Decision-making
(2007) 29 DULJ 141
Constitutional; Constitutionality; Judicial Review; Legislative decision-making
Niamh Howlin, Robert C Fitzpatrick The Feasibility of Mandatory Trade Union Recognition in Ireland
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 178
Labour law; Trade unions; Constitutional law; US law; UK law
Gernot Biehler International Law and Legal Procedures Before the International Court of Justice in Arbitration and Diplomatic Methods: An Analysis of the Limits of International Law
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 209
International Law; Procedural law; State power; International procedures
Garrett Barden, Tim Murphy Law's Function in De Cive and Leviathan: A Re-Appraisal of the Jurisprudence of Thomas Hobbes
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 231
Jurisprudence; Thomas Hobbes; Civil society; Laws of nature
Samuel J Levine Lost in Translation: The Strange Journey of an Anti-Semitic Fabrication, From a Late Nineteenth Century Russian Newspaper to An Irish Legal Journal To A Leading Twentieth Century American Criminal Law Textbook
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 260
Legal Research; Anti-Semitism; Authentication; Reproduction
Claire Murray Safeguarding the Right to Liberty of Incapable Compliant Pantients With A Mental Disorder in Ireland
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 279
Medical; Mental Disorder; Protection of Liberty; Rights; ECHR
Olufemi O Amao Reconstructing the Role of the Corporation: Multinational Corporationa As Public Actors in Nigeria
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 312
International Law; Corporation; Nigeria; Eu law
Zeldine Niamh O'Brien To Boldly Go? Private Contracts for the Carriage of Persons in Space, Exclusion Clauses and Inter-Party Waivers of Tortious Liability
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 341
Space Law; Space policy; Liability; Private space carriage
Ronan Keane Book review: Binchy and Finnegan, Human Rights, Constitutionalism and the Judiciary: Tanzanian and Irish Perspectives
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 456
Peter Charleton Book review:Kevin Costello, The Law of Habeas Corpus in Ireland: History, Scope of Review and Practice under Article 40.4.2 of the Irish Constitution
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 458
Carol Daugherty Rasnic Book review: N M Dawson, Reflections on Law and History
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 462
Legal history
Alan B Rabkin Book review: David Donegan, Raymond J Friel and Amanda-Jayne Comyn, Irish Stamp Duty Law
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 466
Stamp Duty
Roderick Buckley Book review: Kevin Finucane and Brian Buggy with Úna Tighe, Irish Pensions Law and Practice
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 470
Pensions Law
Michael Peart Book review: Michael Forde, Extradition Law in Ireland
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 472
Extradition Law
Emily Egan Book review: John Healy, Irish Laws of Evidence
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 475
Emily Egan Book review: Liz Heffernan, Evidence: Cases and Materials
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 479
Aoife Nolan Book review: Padriac Kenna, Housing Law and Policy in Ireland
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 483
Housing Law
Oonagh Breen Book review: Kerry O'Halloran, Charity Law and Social Inclusion: An International Study
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 487
Charity Law
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