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List of Periodicals

Dublin University Law Journal - 2006

Gerry Whyte  The Role of the Supreme Court in our Democracy: A Response to Mr Justice Hardiman
(2006) 28 DULJ 1
Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers; Judicial Activism
Mary Donnelly and Fidelma White  Regulation and Consumer Protection: A Study of the Online Market
2006) 28 DULJ 27
Consumer; European Law
Andrew Beck  The Ministry of Truth: Orwell and Law
(2006) 28 DULJ 53
Constitutional Law; Jurisprudence; Judicial Review; Separation of Powers
Brian Foley  Diceyan Ghosts: Deference, Rights, Policy and Spatial Distinctions
(2006) 28 DULJ 77
Constitutional Law; Judicial Review; Separation of Powers; Judicial Activism
Aoife Nolan  Litigating Housing Rights: Experiences and Issues
(2006) 28 DULJ 144
Housing Law; Litigation
Alan Keating  The "Polluter Pays" Principle in Domestic Law
(2006) 28 DULJ 172
Environmental Law; European Law; Pollution
Liz Heffernan  The Recording of Fingerprints: Legal Aspects
(2006) 28 DULJ 200
Constitutional Law; Common Law; Police
Barry Sullivan  Constitutional Interpretation and Republican Government
(2006) 28 DULJ 221
Constitutional Law; Republicanism; Judicial Activism; Interpretation
Niall O' Hanlon  The Corporate Form and Reckless Trading: A Modern Pandora and Epimetheus
(2006) 28 DULJ 254
Corporate Law; Trading; Liability; Directors
Deirdre Ahern  Kenny v Ireland ROC Ltd: Commercial Agents - Not Negotiable?
(2006) 28 DULJ 296
Commercial Law; European Law
Gernot Biehler  Between the Irish, the Strasbourg and the Luxembourg Courts: Jurisdictional Issues in Human Rights Enforcement
(2006) 28 DULJ 317
European Court of Human Rights; European Court of Justice; Supreme Court; High Court; Jurisdiction
Eoin Carolan  Stars of Citizen TV: Video Surveillance and the Right to Privacy in Public Places
(2006) 28 DULJ 326
Privacy; Constitutional Law
Yvonne Daly  Does the Buck Stop Here? An Examination of the Right to pre-trial Legal Advice in Light of O' Brien v DPP
(2006) 28 DULJ 345
Constitutional Law; Legal Representation
Hilary Delany  Employment Injunctions: the Role of Mutual Trust and Confidence
(2006) 28 DULJ 363
Equity; Injunctions
Oran Doyle  The European Communities (Natural Habitats)(Amendment) Regulations 2005
(2006) 28 DULJ 379
Environmental Law; Habitats
Tim Murphy  Book Review: de Blácam, Drunken Driving and the Law (3rd ed.)
(2006) 28 DULJ 437
Drunken Driving
Ingo Von Munch  Book Review: Biehler, International Law in Practice: an Irish Perspective
(2006) 28 DULJ 435
International Law
Tim Murphy  Book Review: Bacik, Kicking and Screaming: Dragging Ireland into the 21st Century
(2006) 28 DULJ 433
Constitutional Law; Politics
Elaine Fahey  McCauley Chemists: the Supreme Court Invokes Article 234 EC to Resolve the "Necessitated" Question
(2006) 28 DULJ 401
European Law; Constitutional Law
Gerard Hogan  Value of Declarations of Incompatibility and the Rule of Avoidance
(2006) 28 DULJ 408
European Convention on Human Rights; High Court
Conor O' Mahony  The Right to Education and "Constitutionally Appropriate" Provision
(2006) 28 DULJ 422
Education; Constitutional Law
Jonathon Newman  Book Review: Delany and McGrath, Civil Procedure in the Superior Courts (2nd ed.)
(2006) 28 DULJ 439
Civil Procedure
Ailbhe O' Neill  Book Review: Forde, Commercial Law (3rd ed.)
(2006) 28 DULJ 442
Commercial Law
TJ McIntyre  Book Review: Keating, Equitable Succession Rights
(2006) 28 DULJ 446
Law of Equity
Tom O' Malley  Review: McGrath, Evidence
(2006) 28 DULJ 448
Law of Evidence
Eoin O' Dell  Review: Mitchell, The Law of Contribution and Reimbursement
(2006) 28 DULJ 451
Common Law; Law of Equity; Restitution
DR Phelan  Book Review: Wacks, Understanding Jurisprudence
(2006) 28 DULJ 458