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List of Periodicals

Dublin University Law Journal - 2005

Irene Lynch Fannon A Transatlantic Case: The Derivative Action as a Corporate Governance Tool
(2005) 27 DULJ 1
Corporate Governance; Jurisdiction; Locus Standi
Michael J. Perry The Morality of Human Rights: A Nonreligious Ground?
(2005) 27 DULJ 28
Religion; Rights; Jurisprudence
John Mee Reform of the Law on the Acquisition of Easements and Profits à Prendre by Prescription
(2005) 27 DULJ 86
Land Law; Easements; Law Reform Commission; Property Law
Máire Ní Shúilleabháin Formalities of Contracting: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Requirements that Contracts be Evidenced in Writing
(2005) 27 DULJ 113
Contract Law
Hilary Delany Breach of Confidence or Breach of Privacy: The Way Forward
(2005) 27 DULJ 151
Law of Tort; Privacy; Confidentiality
Gerry Whyte Protecting Religious Ethos in Employment Law: A Clash of Cultures
(2005) 27 DULJ
Religion; Employment Law; Equality Law
Ailbhe O' Neill Corporate Freedom of Expression
(2005) 27 DULJ 184
Constitutional Law; Freedom of Expression; Corporate Law
Judy Goldman Fortification of Domestic Service Providers at the Expense of Foreign Goods: Can the World Trade Organisation's Dispute Settlement Body Prevent Protectionism
(2005) 27 DULJ 221
International Law; International Dispute
Ruth Cannon The Bigoted Landlord: A Re-examination of Schlegal v Corcoran and Gross
(2005) 27 DULJ 248
Constitutional Law; Equality Law
Des Ryan and Ray Ryan A Cause Wrapped up in a Duty: Causation and Informed Consent to Medical Treatment
(2005) 27 DULJ 260
Causation; Medical Negligence
Peter Williams Statutory Planning Approaches and Affordable and Social Housing Provision: A Comparison of Recent Irish and Australian Experience
(2005) 27 DULJ 284
Social and Affordable; Housing Law
Síle MacGuckian Judge or Politician? The Political role of the Judiciary in Society
(2005) 27 DULJ 302
Judicial Activism; Politics; Political Activity
Gerard Hogan Regulatory Bodies as Associations of Undertakings
(2005) 27 DULJ 329
Competition Law; Judicial Review
Eoin O' Dell Interesting Times: Overpaid Taxes, Restitution and Compound Interest
(2005) 27 DULJ 343
Restitution; Consideration; Common Law
Conor O' Mahony A New Slant on Education Rights and Mandatory Injunctions?
(2005) 27 DULJ 363
Rights; Injunction
Eoin O' Dell and Gerry Whyte Is this a Country for old men and women? - In re Article 26 and the Health (Amendment)(No. 2) Bill 2004
(2005) 27 DULJ 368
Constitutional Law; Restitution
Fergus Ryan Book Review: Shannon, Child Law
(2005) 27 DULJ 393
Family Law; Children
William Binchy Book Review: Doyle, Constitutional Equality Law
(2005) 27 DULJ 397
Constitutional Law; Equality Law
David Langwallner Book Review: Murphy ed., Western Jurisprudence
(2005) 27 DULJ 401
Eoin O' Dell Book Review: Birks, Unjust Enrichment (2nd ed.); Dagan, The Law and Ethics of Restitution
(2005) 27 DULJ 424
Barry Sullivan Book Review: Stone, Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime from the Sedition Act of 1798 to the War of Terrorism
(2005) 27 DULJ 431
Freedom of Expression
Carol Rasnic Book Review: Kotsonouris, The Winding up of the Dáil Courts 1922-1925: An Obvious Duty
(2005) 27 DULJ 447
Legal History
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