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List of Periodicals

Dublin University Law Journal - 2004

Francis J. Conte Reinforcing Democracy, Sovereignty and Union Efficacy: Supremacy and Subsidiarity in the European Union
(2004) 26 DULJ 1
European Law; Constitutional Law; Federalism
Frank Martin Key Roles of the Ombudsman for Children in Ireland: Promotion of Rights and Investigation of Greivances
(2004) 26 DULJ 56
Children; Ombudsman
Edward J. Imwinkelried "Junk Science" in the Courtroom: Will the Changes in the American Law of Expert Testimony Influence the Irish Courts?
(2004) 26 DULJ 83
Law of Evidence; Expert Evidence; Constitutional Law
Declan McGrath The Exclusionary Role in Respect of Unconstitutionally Obtained Evidence
(2004) 26 DULJ 108
Law of Evidence; Admissibility; Constitutional Rights
P. F. Smith Curbing the Use of Trustee Exemption Clauses
(2004) 26 DULJ 129
Law of Equity; Trusts; Professional Negligence; Reasonableness
Neville Cox Legal Regulation of the Broadcasting of Sporting Events in Europe
(2004) 26 DULJ 146
Sport; Broadcasting; Competition Law
Adrian Zuckerman and Annemarie Sedore Do US Property Concepts Prevent VARA from Implementing the Berne Convention
(2004) 26 DULJ 172
Copyright Law; Berne Convention; Moral Rights; Property Law
Yvonne Scannell Environmental Impact Assessment in Irish Law
(2004) 26 DULJ 200
Environmental Law; Environmental Impact Assessment; Planning Law
Kenneth Mullan What is the case for Pepper v Hart?
(2004) 26 DULJ 235
Statutory Interpretation; Legislative Interpretation; Dail
Neil Steen Constructive Trusts and Pre-Incorporation Contracts: A Reappraisal
(2004) 26 DULJ 260
Law of Equity; Trusts; Contract Law
Síle McGuckian Confessions and the Constitution
(2004) 26 DULJ 272
Confession; Constitutional Law; European Court of Human Rights
Trevor Redmond UN Security Council Resolution 1422/1487 – The Criminal Liability Vaccine
(2004) 26 DULJ 282
International Law; International Criminal Court; International Criminal Law
Rebecca Wallace and Olga Martin-Ortega The UN Norms: A First Step to Universal Regulation of Transnational Corporations' Responsibilities for Human Rights
(2004) 26 DULJ 304
International Law; Corporate Governance
Nelius Carey Lawrence v Texas: Homosexuals Approach Liberty
(2004) 26 DULJ 320
Constitutional Law; Equality Law
Cathryn Costello Book Review: Hogan & Whyte eds., J M Kelly: The Irish Constitution (4th ed)
(2004) 26 DULJ 363
Constitutional Law
David Langwallner Book Review: Byrne & Binchy, Annual Review of Irish Law 2002
(2004) 26 DULJ 368
Irish Law Review
Oran Doyle Book Review: Simons, Planning and Development Law
(2004) 26 DULJ 371
Planning Law
Neville Cox Book Review: Glendon, A World Made New - Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
(2004) 26 DULJ 374
International Law
Herwig Hofmann Book Review: Hervey & Kenner eds., Economic and Social Rights under the Charter of Fundamental Rights - A Legal Perspective
(2004) 26 DULJ 377
European Law
Judy Goldman Book Review: Légasse, The Trial of Jesus
(2004) 26 DULJ 380
Legal History
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