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List of Periodicals

Dublin University Law Journal - 2003

Joshua Castellino Affirmative Action for the Protection of Linguistic Rights: An Analysis of International Human Rights; Legal Standards in the Context of the Protection of the Irish Language
(2003) 25 DULJ 1
Irish Language; Human Rights Law
Alan Dershowitz The Case for Israel
(2003) 25 DULJ 44
Middle East; International Law
Oran Doyle Legal Validity: Reflections on the Irish Constitution
(2003) 25 DULJ 56
Jurisprudence; Constitutional Law; Natural Law; Rule of Law
Liz Heffernan Comparative Common Law Approaches to Multi-Party Litigation: The American Class Action Procedure
(2003) 25 DULJ 102
Legal Representation; Multi-Party Actions; Tribunals
Mary Catherine Lucey Regulating Post-Employment Relationships: The Restraint of Trade Doctrine versus the Competition Act 2002
(2003) 25 DULJ 124
Restraint of Trade; Contract Law; Competition Law
Bernard Ryan The Ian Paisley Question: Irish Citizenship and Northern Ireland
(2003) 25 DULJ 145
Northern Ireland; Citizenship; Constitutional Law
Siobhán Wills Economics, Socio-biology and Women's Hedonistic Lives
(2003) 25 DULJ 177
Gernot Biehler The Limits of the Security Council's Authority: The Iraq and the International Criminal Court Cases
(2003) 25 DULJ 189
International Criminal Court; United Nations; Public International Law
Robert Clark Agency Workers and Social Insurance - Ireland Changes the Law
(2003) 25 DULJ 198
Agency; Social Welfare; Welfare Law
Joshua Davis Virginia v Black: Toward Neutral Priniciples?
(2003) 25 DULJ 210
Constitutional Law; Equality
Hilary Delany Satisfying the Equity in Cases of Proprietary Estoppel
(2003) 25 DULJ 217
Law of Equity; Estoppel
Suzanne Egan The European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003: A Missed Opportunity for Domestic Human Rights Litigation
(2003) 25 DULJ 230
European Convention on Human Rights
Máire Ní Shúilleabháin Limitations of Actions for Personal Injuries - The Plaintiff's Awareness of the Wrongful Nature of the Defendant's Act
(2003) 25 DULJ 248
Statute of Limitations; Law of Tort
Andrea Ryan Avoiding the Hard Question: DPP v. Buck and the Constitutional Right of Access to Legal Advice
(2003) 25 DULJ 257
Criminal Law; Legal Representation; Constitutional Law
Patricia Brazil Book Review: Walsh, Criminal Procedure
(2003) 25 DULJ 273
Criminal Law; Legal Representation
Sean Patrick Donlan Book Review: Cairns & McLeod, eds., The Dearest Birth Right of the People of England: The Jury in the History of the Common Law
(2003) 25 DULJ 277
Juries; Legal History
Jarlath Fitzimons Book Review: Delany & McGrath, Civil Procedure in the Superior Courts
(2003) 25 DULJ 285
Procedure; Supreme Court; High Court
Eamonn G. Hall Book Review: Kenny, king's Inns and the Battle of the Cook 1972: Cultural Controversy at a Dublin Library
(2003) 25 DULJ 288
History; King's Inns
Aileen Keogan Book Review: Kessler, Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts - A Modern Approach
(2003) 25 DULJ 293
Law of Equity; Trusts
Máire Ní Shúilleabháin Book Review: Ohly & Spence, The Law of Comparative Advertising: Directive 97/55/EC
(2003) 25 DULJ 296
Comparative Advertising, Intellectual Property; Competition Law
John O'Connor Book Review: Keating, Keating on Probate; Keating, Probate Causes and Related Matters; and Keating, Probate Law and Practice Casebook
(2003) 25 DULJ 298
Probate; Law of Succession
Barry Sullivan Book Review: Tucker, Trial and Error: The Education of a Courtroom Lawyer
(2003) 25 DULJ 300
Legal Profession; Education; Advocate
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