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List of Periodicals

Dublin University Law Journal - 2000

Kate O Regan  Cultivating a Constitution: Challenges Facing the Constitutional Court in South Africa
(2000) 22 DULJ 1
Constitutional Law; International Law
Neville Cox  Victory with Honour or Victory at all Costs? Towards Principled Justification for Anti-doping Rules in Sport
(2000) 22 DULJ 19
Sport; Drug Offences
Mary Donnelly  Reforming Personal Property Security Law: Is there a case for a Single Securities Register?
(2000) 22 DULJ 50
Property Law; Security
Declan McGrath  Public Interest Privilege
(2000) 22 DULJ 75
Constitutional Law; Executive Privilege; Public Interest
John Mee  From Here to Eternity?: Perpetuities Reform In Ireland
(2000) 22 DULJ 91
Property Law; Perpetuities
David O Sullivan  The Good Friday Agreement: A New Constitutional Agreement for Northern Ireland
(2000) 22 DULJ 112
Constitutional Law; Good Friday Agreement
Eoin O Dell  The Use and Abuse of ClaytonĘs Case
(2000) 22 DULJ 161
Banking Law
Neville Cox  Constitutional Law-Constitutional Interpretation-Passive Judicial Activism-Constitutional Crime of Blasphemy
(2000) 22 DULJ 201
Constitutional Law; Judicial Activism
Gerard Hogan  Constitutional Law-Review of Sentencing and the Judicial Power
(2000) 22 DULJ 207
Constitutional Law; Sentencing; Judicial Discretion
William Binchy  Family Law-Divorce-Living Apart
(2000) 22 DULJ 216
Family Law; Divorce
Fergus Ryan  Family Law-Reversal of Fortune-Nullity Law in the Age of Divorce
(2000) 22 DULJ 224
Family Law; Nullity
Hilary Delany  Judicial Review Proceedings-Discretionary Factors and the Effect of Delay
(2000) 22 DULJ 236
Administration Law; Judicial Review; Judicial Discretion
William Binchy  Tort-Damages-Public Policy
(2000) 22 DULJ 254
Law of Tort; Damages; Public Policy
Cathryn Costello  Book Review: The Future of Remedies in Europe edited by Kilpatrick
(2000) 22 DULJ 259
European Law; Remedies
Neville Cox  Book Review: Drugs and Doping in Sport: Socio-Legal Perspectives by O Leary
(2000) 22 DULJ 262
O Leary; Sport; Drug Offences
Ivana Bacik  Law Reform Commission Consultation Paper on Homicide: The Mental Element in Murder (LRC-Cp17-2001)
(2000) 22 DULJ 264
Criminal Law; Law Reform Commission; Homicide
Eoin O Dell  Book Review: Politics Elections and the Law by Whelan
(2000) 22 DULJ 269
Whelan; Politics; Election