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List of Periodicals

Dublin University Law Journal - 1997

Heather Conway  The Repeal of an Act for Jointenants 1542 and the Jurisdiction to Order Partition or Sale under the Partition Acts 1868 and 1876
(1997) 19 DULJ 1
Property Law; Act for Jointenants 1542; Partition
Niamh Nic Shuibhne  State Duty and the Irish Language
(1997) 19 DULJ 33
Irish Language
Blanaid Clarke  Corporate Responsibility in Light of the Separation of Ownership and Control
(1997) 19 DULJ 50
Company Law; Ownership
Kerry O Halloran  The Family and the Law in a Divided Land
(1997) 19 DULJ 77
Family Law
Neville Cox  Sacrilege and Sensibility: The Value of Irish Blasphemy Law
(1997) 19 DULJ 87
Blasphemy Law; Church
Conor Hanly  Child Offenders: The Changing Responses of Irish Law
(1997) 19 DULJ 113
Criminal Law; Young Offenders
Mary Donnelly  Banking Law-Recent Developments in Payment Systems
(1997) 19 DULJ 139
Banking Law; Payments
John Mee  Contract Law-Public Policy for the New Millennium
(1997) 19 DULJ 149
Contract Law; Public Policy
Michael O Neill  European Law-The Future of Community Human Rights Protection
(1997) 19 DULJ 161
European Law; Human Rights
Noel Gaughran  Tort Law-Informed Consent to Medical Treatment
(1997) 19 DULJ 178
Law of Tort; Consent; Medical Treatments
Kevin Costello  Trade Union Law-The Labour Injunction and the Burden of Proof
(1997) 19 DULJ 197
Trade Union Law; Injunctions; Burden of Proof
Dympna Glendenning  Book Review: Education and the Constitution by Farry
(1997) 19 DULJ 202
Farry; Education; Constitutional Law
Andrew Ashworth  Book Review: Sexual Offences: Law, Policy and Punishment by Thomas O Malley
(1997) 19 DULJ 204
O Malley; Sexual Offences; Criminal Law
Marc McDonald  Book Review: The Licensing Acts 1833-1995 by Cassidy
(1997) 19 DULJ 206
Cassidy; Licensing Laws
Nuala Butler  Book Review: Unfair Dismissal: Cases and Commentary (2nd ed) by Madden & Kerr
(1997) 19 DULJ 208
Madden; Kerr; Unfair Dismissal; Employment Law