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List of Periodicals

Cork Online Law Review - 2005

Lisa KinsellaWhistle While You Work
(2005) COLR I
Public Interest Disclosure; Whistleblowers; Protection for Whistleblowers; White Collar Crime; Legislative Proposals; Transparency; Accountability
Alan WoodsWe Know What You Did Last Summer!
(2005) COLR III
Data Retention; Privacy Rights; Law Enforcement; Citizens’ Rights; Powers of Investigation ; National Security; Crime Prevention; Unenumerated Rights
Gemma NeylonThe Application of Data Protection Law to the Employment Sector
(2005) COLR IV
Data Protection; Employment Law; Privacy; Data Retention; Security
Geraldine CleereThe Urgency for Legal Regulation of the Practices of Cloning and Stem Cell Research
(2005) COLR V
Medical Law; Ethics; Constitution; Natural Law; Right to Life
Richard P. McNamara“Let’s Talk”: The Need for Effective Communication Between Doctor and Patient
(2005) COLR VI
Medical Profession; Medical Negligence; Ethics; Informed Consent; Risk Disclosure
Kieran WalshPrivacy’s New Paradigm: The Rise and Reform of the In Camera Rule
(2005) COLR VII
Family Law; In Camera Rule; Public Justice; Privacy; McKenzie Friend
Karen BohaneThe Official Languages Act 2003
(2005) COLR VIII
Irish Language; Constitutional Law; Administration
Carol Fitzgerald and Leonard DuracThrowing the Baby Out With the Bathwater?: A Critical Appraisal of the Companies (Auditing & Accounting) Act 2003
(2005) COLR IX
Company Law; Financial Law; Accounting; Audit Process
Liam ThorntonDiscretion and Law in the British and Irish Social Welfare Systems
(2005) COLR X
Welfare Law; Social Welfare; Discretion
Therese LyneFinding A Place for Juveniles in the Irish Criminal Justice System: Easy Question, Impossible Answer!
(2005) COLR XI
Children; Young Offenders; Juvenile Justice; Criminal Justice System; Sentencing
Roberta GuiryA Voice For Victims: The Development of the Role of the Victim in the Irish Criminal Justice System
(2005) COLR XII
Victims; Criminal Justice System; Victim Impact Statements; Sentencing
Dorothy AppelbeThe Theory of Justification and Excuse and its Implications for the Battered Woman
(2005) COLR II
Feminism; Defences; Criminal Law
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