Confidentiality agreements

Our confidentiality agreements help protect your sensitive information whenever you need to disclose it. They can be put in place fast. Also called non-disclosure agreements, these templates are easy to edit, comprehensive in the coverage of law, and between them cover almost every circumstance. Use for any employee, new contractor, supplier,customer or sales agent. Use when selling your company, your book or your software. Use to bind both sides or just one side. They are tough on the parties, easy to edit and firm in law.


    Confidentiality agreement

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    This confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement or NDA) enables a business or individual to explore the possibilities for a deal before signing an agreement that covers the terms. This confidentiality agreement is a good way of protecting your secrets from being used by the other side if the deal doesn't go ahead. Examples of use might be: a proposed franchise; a business acquisition; the appointment of an agent or distributor; demonstration of a plans, ideas or a prototype.

    Confidentiality agreement: supplier; contractor or consultant

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    This confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement or NDA) is for use where a supplier may find out sensitive information in the course of providing the goods or services. Learning the information may be necessary for the task, or you may just be concerned that private information might be disclosed inadvertently. Using this agreement is also an excellent way to remind suppliers of their responsibilities to maintain client confidentiality.

    Confidentiality agreement: protect created work

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    This confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement or NDA) should be used by a creator of a piece of work (whether a work of art, a book, film, idea, software code or other intellectual property) to prevent another party from using ideas within the work without the creator's permission. It will allow the creator to explore development, manufacture, use or sale of the piece of work together with the other party.

    Mutual confidentiality agreement

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    This mutual confidentiality agreement (sometimes called a non-disclosure agreement or NDA) enables parties to explore the possibilities for a deal before signing an agreement that covers the terms. Being a mutual agreement, both sides agree to the same terms of disclosure, but not necessarily the disclosure of the same information. This confidentiality agreement is a good way of protecting your secrets from being used by the other side if the deal doesn't go ahead. Examples of use might be: sub-contract manufacture; business acquisition; joint product development.

    Authorisation to release confidential information

    This authorisation letter lets you specify exactly who is entitled to receive your confidential information other than the person with whom you have made signed a confidentiality agreement. Use it to protect your interests.

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    A very useful document and well supported by the explanatory notes. Would highly recommend. I run a small financial services consultancy and had approached 5 separate Irish based law firms looking to engage them. Not 1 firm responded to my request. I'm comfortable editing legal documents so the Net Lawman base was excellent. One small frustration however - the formatting isn't particularly friendly so throws out other content when being manipulated. Otherwise, a service that I will continue to use.
    Jason Forsyth
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    I needed a quick document for a potential client so Net Lawman was one of top results in Google. The Confidentiality Agreement covered what we required and more. It was in my inbox within 5 minutes so very convenient.
    The notes explaining the paragraphs are very useful.
    It is a good solution for simple situations.
    Beta Inventions Ltd
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    Super fast & efficient service from start to finish. Documents cover many aspects, are easy to follow and easily allow the user to end with a bespoke document for their business.
    Gerry McMunn
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