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Product ID: IE-LDGnov05

Novation agreement: transfer of service contract

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Transfer a service contract between customers using this easy to use and effective novation contract. Although this novation agreement can be used to transfer any service contract, we have used the example of a transfer of website hosting services between hosting providers. Changes for other types of service agreement are very simple to make. The most common use for this agreement would be to change the parties to service contracts on the purchase of a business.

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Product ID: IE-COMbtc11

Variation of contract agreement

Not yet reviewed

Change the terms of a legal contract using this variation agreement. Using this document, you can insert, delete and amend words, paragraphs and clauses or renumber existing paragraphs.

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Product ID: IE-COMbtc10

Mutual cancellation of contract agreement

Not yet reviewed

This is a simple agreement to cancel legal contract

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