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Letter to provide an employee with written notice of termination due to redundancy. Provisions to add your own relevant and unique reasons. This template letter comes with full guidance on how to do this so that you comply with relevant legislation.
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About this document

This letter is an example of the sort of letter you might write as a "first written warning" under your organisation's disciplinary procedure. It may not be appropriate simply to take one of these letters and reshape it.

Important note about warning letters:

To avoid a tribunal claim or to win the case, it is essential that the appropriate procedures are in place and that you follow them. In particular, it is worth dealing very thoroughly and carefully with this step. Here you are setting out the subject matter of your complaint. This is the time to do your homework, take statements from everyone else involved, then present the employee with your case. A well drawn letter at this stage will enable your employee's adviser to see the full position and advise your employee accordingly. A bad letter will encourage an application to a tribunal.

Net Lawman employment letters show different styles of approach. Managerial authority is always present, but there is more sympathy in some than others, depending on the degree of blameworthiness of the employee. A gentle style may be important to preserve the goodwill of a faltering starter who is struggling to make the grade, but it is important to be very firm with for example, a blatant disregard of safety procedures.

Application and features

  • Formal letter suitable for any employee or any employer, no matter the business type or size
  • Written in plain English


  • Details of the parties involved
  • The legal position
  • Employer’s legal rights
  • Proposed course of action
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Reassurance Gained
15 August 2023
Was a very simply and effective way of knowing what we were doing was correct. The information that comes with this is very good too.
Cindy Hartley
Review of the New Zealand version
Ideal for New Zealand
18 May 2020
Was worried document would not be relevant to NZ law requirements
Easy to understand document with a very quick response from ordering online/payment to actually having the document in inbox.
Plain simple to understand instructions with good examples.
I would recommend service and product to other small businesses.
Jacqui Porter
Review of the New Zealand version
Appropriate and Quick
17 March 2017
It was an appropriate letter
Quick and easy to access and also a reasonable price.
I will use the site again and recommend it.
Theresa Pharo
Review of the New Zealand version
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