Licence agreement to use part of home as an office

Licence to occupy part of home as office; business property licence to establish a proper cost for tax and partner purposes.
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About this document

This document is for director of a company or partner in a partnership who works partly or permanently from home and wants to set up provision for claiming home expenses against taxable income. (Not of use if home owner is same person as business because you cannot make an agreement with yourself!)

Be sure to avoid exclusive use of any one part of the house for business purposes or you may find that proportion of the gain when you sell the house will not be allowable against capital gains tax.


  • Property details
  • Licence Fee: can be changed to suit you
  • Licence fee inclusions such as services and rates
  • Payment provisions: all payments the tenant might have to make
  • Use allowed
  • Licensee’s promises

This document was written by a solicitor for Net Lawman. It complies with current Irish law.

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