Personal document drafting service

Why use Net Lawman for your drafting

Written in plain language
We avoid legalese. Your counterparty will understand to what they are signing, making them more likely to accept without hesitation
Practical matters included
We consider and suggest practical matters, giving you a document that strengthens your interests generally rather than one that simply gives you compliance with the law
Specialists in document drafting
Writing legal documents is the sole focus of our business
Transparency on fees

We'll provide an estimate in advance for the specification you give us. We promise that the final price will not be higher unless you change your instructions significantly after work has started, or if you need more help. If that happens, we'll agree any extra cost before we do the extra work. This doesn't happen often. We don't charge for hidden extras such as stationery and office expenses.

The fee estimate is calculated on a fixed hourly rate for our time, and includes the time we spend discussing your requirements with you as well as the time we spend drafting the contract, letter or agreement you need. If you buy a document and decide later to have a bespoke version written, we will of course deduct the cost of that document from your bill.

What sort of law we cover

Examples of bespoke documents we have written include:
  • a lease and management agreement for an airfield and trading terms for aircraft owners using it
  • a joint venture agreement between property developers
  • a limited partnership agreement for a financial services partnership
  • a shareholders’ agreement drawn to protect a large investor funding a start-up
  • business terms for a specialist tour operator
  • terms for an intermediary setting up agency for animal health insurance
  • an assignment of rights for a television series
  • a franchise agreement for a restaurant operator
  • assisting a national sports body in redrafting their constitution
  • an export contract for a manufacturer
  • SaaS business terms and conditions

How we work with you

You complete the form on the next page with your detailed instructions.
We give you a ball-park figure of the costs.
We send you an email message with more detailed questions.
We confirm our fee estimate.
You make payment of the sum estimated.
Further discussion by email takes place if necessary.
We draw your document.
You suggest changes. We advise and discuss as you decide.
We complete a second draft of your document.
If there are further small changes to be made, we continue to make them until you have the document you want.
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