Document Review Service

Guarantee of contract performance
32 reviews
Full refund if not used
3 working days average turnaround

Be confident in your edited document

Sometimes you might need help finding the right words for a particular point, sometimes you might want reassurance that a lawyer has looked over your document before you sign.

With our Review Service, a lawyer conducts a detailed assessment of your document, reporting back to you if any changes or additions have legal implications.

We also:

  • answer questions about how to word a particular point
  • check that your use of defined terms is correct and consistent
  • correct spelling mistakes
  • reformat the document
How the Review Service Works
Edit the document as fully as possible. Ask questions and add notes or comments to our legal team within the text.
Send the document to us - either by uploading it through our website or by e-mailing it.
We’ll ask for more information if we need it.
We return your reviewed document ready to sign.
32 reviews
Martin Knotek
Hi, I am very happy with I needed a separation agreement, I received a document from the company that I filled out and sent back for review. They always contacted me about the progress and addition of some data. I received the necessary and corrected document within 2 working days. I can only recommend, with regards, Martin Knotek
Aleksandra Pacura
Very good, professional, and quick service. I would recommended them
Aidan Harrison
Prompt response to queries and clear documentation and process.
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